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If it goes to the general dealer to change the atmosphere of the room, I will be charmed very much by imported products with a colorful and pretty thing or a peculiar atmosphere. By taking in imported products, I get used to feeling which went abroad, or there are convenient goods [ goods ] which are not generally sold in their country.

However, how about being [ it ] dangerous for using being pleasing? It is reported that a toxic substance is detected from a thing Chinese-made [ news / of television etc. ].

The Chinese-made example in which I came, and it was related and the lead of the dangerous level was detected from the address book and diary of the top of a ゃ character, a bucket, and an anime character.

The example from which the lead high level from a Chinese-made crib bag in detecting the lead exceeding toy safety standards from the hair accessories manufactured at paint of the toy for children for Chinese-made water play or the China factory was detected.

The lead exceeding the standard value of Food Sanitation Law which a country defines is detected from the Chinese-made tumbler which the vehicle maker distributed to the trial ride person for nothing,The example into which it became clear that a lead began to melt when cooking by heating with the Chinese-made clay pot, and there is a complaint that the silver liquid flowed out of between a lid and pans and the volume retailer inspected, or a lead and chromium began to melt from a Chinese cutting board.

The example in which the chemical substance "1 and 4-Butanediol" was detected from the surface of the toy Chinese-made bead.

The example detected from Chinese-made children's clothes also 900 times in which the existing carcinogenic formaldehyde greatly exceeds the safe level of the human body which WHO defines.

If it does not investigate, I am not understanding, but I want consumers to build and sell what can be used safely.

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