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There is law in import of food and procedure is required.

In Food Sanitation Law, you have to submit notice on necessary information to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare through the quarantine station in national every place on-line using the floppy disk or computer (terminal) which registered "import notification documents, such as food," and data for health reservation of food.

In Plant Protection Law, in order that import of plants, such as vegetables and fruit, may prevent invasion of a noxious plant or a noxious insect, duty, such as a notification of import and an inspection, occurs.

In Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law, there is duty, such as a notification of import and an inspection, also in import of meat etc. for the prevention of communicable disease of livestock.

In a Quarantine Act, since it prevents the infection of those who are not at home invading, I may conduct the inspection of the cholera germ of fresh fish and shellfishes, etc.

A customs duty may start with the food which I import by customs law.

Even if there are law like this and procedure, the problem of food imports is also reported well.

In order to change the character of remains of the agricultural chemicals which I use for the agricultural products after harvest called postharvest agricultural chemicals, a plant which are called genetically modified food and which is used as food, etc. into a thing advantageous to man,The problem using the technology which takes out the gene of useful character from other living things, and I build into the plant of food.

Problems, such as natural poison, also have shellfish, violations of a poisonous fish stock, etc. which toxified, such as legumes containing cyanide, spices, legumes from which the aflatoxin which had strong carcinogenicity for the poison which mold builds is detected, etc. which are mostly seen to what is imported from the tropics. Moreover, food imports are polluted with bacteria, a disease germ, etc., and there is a problem that cause food poisoning or Listeria monocytogenes is detected from the cholera germ of fish and shellfishes and the cheese of import.

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