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I verify variously import, storage of a popular import and the imported thing, etc. how to import motorcycle to usa
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Customs duty
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how to import motorcycle to usa

how to import motorcycle to usa

A customs duty is one of the import duties. There are a liquor tax and consumption tax other than a customs duty in the main import duties. A customs duty is this tax by the kind of goods, and tax rates change with kinds of goods. There are some which do not require a customs duty depending on goods. A tax is imposed by only the consumption tax at that whose tariff rate dutiable value is 0% with 10000 yen or more goods. When a load is the target of taxation in a customhouse, a customs fee starts. A customs fee requires 200 yen per load. If a customs duty is tax-free, a customs fee will not to import motorcycle to usa

However, the place where the frame which could trust it when using import vicarious execution with much trouble, and all includes a goods price, a handling fee, a mailing cost, etc. is cheap is good. When using import vicarious execution, if only the amount of money of goods is cheap, I will not necessarily become inexpensive. Strictly, like goods price + handling fee + mailing cost + and other miscellaneous expenses, I am total and it is important to compare by how much it to import motorcycle to usa

Even if the goods with the same amount of money of goods will have a 1000 yen shop and a 2000 yen shop and will purchase at a 1000 yen shop,A total changes to 5000 yen, and if it is a 2000 yen shop, supposing a total is 4000 yen, I will result in going up at a low price [ way ] having used import vicarious execution after all at a 2000 yen shop. I would like to often compare the company of import vicarious execution and to use it wisely.

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how to import motorcycle to usa

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