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Private importation means doing some shopping in order for an individual to use overseas goods.

It is the target of private importation the time of carrying out 買い物を by a mail order from overseas by the Internet, a catalog, etc. and to go to travel abroad, to do some shopping by oneself, and to bring back to Japan.

There are what is made also to private importation, and a thing which is not made. If owned, of course, I cannot import what is punished with a law of Japan, and a general thing cannot carry out private importation, either, or there is a thing with restriction of the number which can be imported. I would like to mention what cannot do private importation, and a thing with restriction.

Medicines, such as opium cocaine heroin opium 吸煙具, a psycho-stimulant, and a hemp, a handgun, a rifle, a machine gun, a firearms cartridge, firearms and swords.
The counterfeit, and an alteration article and an imitation of a bill, money and a bank note, and negotiable securities.
Books, videotape, etc. which injure public peace and customs.
What infringes on intellectual property rights, such as fakes.
The product which uses as materials the animal of the specification defined by Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law, and its animal.
The plant to which the specific plant defined by Plant Protection Law, its packing thing, the ground, or the ground adheres.
Rice, fruit, cut flowers, a vegetable, etc. and its product.
Processed meat, such as an animal, uncooked meat, dried meat, a ham sausage beef jerky.
As for medical supplies and a supplement, an unregulated drug and medical devices have quantity regulation to the net weight for two months at one delivery.
South Korean Oshima pongee has quantity regulation.
The animals and plants which have been the target of dealings regulation based on the Washington Convention, and its product.
Dry plants, such as a potpourri and a dry herb.
Cosmetics containing alcohol, such as a perfume and nail polish.
Combustibles, such as a spray can.
As for cosmetics, even 24 per delivery of one several kinds are a limit.

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