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It is called private importation to import goods from overseas for the purpose of using individually. Although there are various merits in private importation, since there are also limitations by one side, I must be careful.

In Japan, it is the greatest merit of private importation that I can obtain a high thing at a local price. There is much what are so cheap that there is also a thing of 1/4 or less price and it is surprised from the half the sum of the selling price in Japan by a country although the rate at that time twists also in the category of goods or goods. Moreover, in Japan, I can get an unput on the market on the market thing and what has acquisition difficult in Japan.

Even if it goes to travel abroad, I do not pass through a large thing or a heavy thing that it is hard to bring home. Even if it feels serious specially, and the large thing from overseas and a heavy thing are brought back to Japan by themselves or it does not carry them, it is dreamlike that I can do some shopping, without caring about a size or weight in Japan.

Although there are many merits, there is a demerit also in private importation. Since I have you deliver from overseas after all, it takes time and time and effort. Moreover, since an exchange in a foreign language is carried out, I may mistake goods. Although goods are mistaken, or returned goods and exchange will be carried out when goods are inferior goods,You have to use private importation, after the procedure of returned goods or exchange had to negotiate in the language of the spot and it also turns out that there are various risks, such as a mailing cost concerning returned goods or exchange and a term of returned goods. I think that I can carry out private importation comfortably in comfort since there are insurance, inspection, etc. when such sites are used, since there is an import support site if it is a direction with such worries.

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