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Now, I can buy the sweets of an import also at a convenience store. If it goes to the shop which deals with a 100-yen shop and an import, even if it is in Japan, I can eat imported confectionery in the feeling which went to the foreign country to travel. There is much what are that the tone of imported confectionery which Japan does not have is colorful, pretty, and pleasant. A flavor etc. have many things which cannot be tasted in Japan, and have many things in which a party is likely to rise.

However, how about being [ although he thought that I would eat imported confectionery with good appetite happily and bought it, there is a bad influence, or / the dangerous ingredient ] contained in the human body? I will surely think that I cannot eat imported confectionery etc.

When a certain confectionery trading company imported chocolate snack confectionery from China and sold to the contractor of 17 prefectures, melamine which is a toxic substance was detected and I might say that I directed voluntary recall to an import trader. As a result of conducting the general checkup of the powdered milk products manufactured and sold in China, it was announced by about 12% of product that mixing of melamine was checked. Those who appeal against health impairment from the infants in China exceeded 50,000 people by this, and the deceased have also been reported.

In a foreign country, in spite of the ingredient to which use is already forbidden being contained, there is also imported confectionery currently sold ordinarily in Japan noting that a human body has a bad influence. It is the artificial color and spice which everyone gets to know. Unlike the red food coloring made from a plant, I am made from oil. Since oncogenesis, a chromosome aberration, red corpuscle reduction, gene damage, mutagenicity, etc. happened in the experiment of a rat or a rabbit, use is forbidden in many countries.

Also in order to protect the body of oneself or an important person, it is good in checking an ingredient firmly and imported confectionery being eaten happily.

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