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Customs duty

A customs duty is the tax which carried out shopping from overseas and are taxed previously. However, when it imports, a customs duty does not necessarily certainly start. In the delivery from mail, a customs duty does not start the goods of the foundations of 10,000 or less yen. Even if it is 10,000 or less yen, there is an exception, and knitted articles, such as the bag made from leather, the glove made from leather, footwear, a panty hose, tights, shoes, a T-shirt, and a sweater, may require a customs duty.

In the case of the load delivered by mail, even if exceptional goods are contained in the load of 120 dollars - less than 130 dollars, in almost all cases, the customs duty has not started. When it delivers from the company of parcel delivery service, when the goods of the object which requires a customs duty are contained, even if it is 10,000 or less yen, a customs duty starts. When the big-ticket goods which do not require a customs duty are purchased, only a consumption tax starts.

In the case of delivery [ by mail ], when the amount of a payment is 10,000 or less yen, I can make payment of a tax to the direction of the post office to which I came the load for delivery, and can receive a load. When the amount of a payment is 10,000 yen or more, "a notice of foreign mail thing taxation" arrives from a post office, and I bring the notice and my own identification card to a post office, I pay a tax, and receive a load.

In delivery by parcel delivery service, such as FEDEX and OCS, even when a customs duty starts, a load reaches a house previously. The claim of a customs duty arrives by mail from the company of after to parcel delivery service. It is said that notification of a check of how to pay a customs duty and a consumption tax is given when the billing price of a customs duty and a consumption tax exceeds 20,000 yen.

He improves the thing of a customs duty private importation to not knowing, and I make it like to say that a customs duty thinks that it does not need to pay and does not pay. A customs duty is the duty for a person to import.

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