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Import Customs duty

When purchasing goods by private importation from overseas, an import duty starts. Since protection of domestic industries is this tax for the purpose, the import duty cannot receive the goods which carried out private importation, unless it pays an import duty. Generally, this import duty is called the customs duty. Although goods have been purchased at a low price by private importation with much trouble, a mailing cost and a customs duty start, and any meaning cannot be found, if it became high rather than having purchased after all in Japan. If private importation is carried out, I have to understand the thing of a customs duty well.

A customs duty is one of the import duties. There are a liquor tax and consumption tax other than a customs duty in the main import duties. A customs duty is this tax by the kind of goods, and tax rates change with kinds of goods. There are some which do not require a customs duty depending on goods. A tax is imposed by only the consumption tax at that whose tariff rate dutiable value is 0% with 10000 yen or more goods. When a load is the target of taxation in a customhouse, a customs fee starts. A customs fee requires 200 yen per load. If a customs duty is tax-free, a customs fee will not start.

When carrying out private importation, a special case will be applied if the purpose is accepted to be a range which I use individually. Although a customs duty is applied in case of the case of commercial import to the prices of the goods which are applicable, if a special case is applied, a customs duty will be applied to 60% of the amount of money of the target goods. Moreover, when the amount of money of goods is 100,000 or less yen, the tax rates of a simplified tariff rate treated favorably are applied. As for the amount of a tariff, a complicated tax amount setup is carried out by the amount of money, the number and a material, the place of origin, etc. of goods.

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