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Western buildings increased in number more than the traditional building even in Japan. According to a Western house, those as whom furniture also chooses the thing of import have increased in number. Although the taste may also suit the furniture of traditional Japan, I cannot say a peculiar atmosphere of imported furniture not at all, either, but it is great.

Since the tree into which the wood used for imported furniture grew up too overseas is used, the quality of the material differs from Japanese furniture.

There is much ふし and a pineapple is the existing waterproof wood of the low middle class. I am often used for casual furniture.

Lauan is slow-growing and is the wood whose annual rings are not visible. I am often used for the core material and plywood of furniture.

Rubber wood is a department of grass and resin also becomes latex which is the raw material of rubber. Growth is comparatively used for furniture etc. broadly early.

Falcata has the same characteristic as 桐 and is also called 南洋桐. I am very soft 軽質な wood, and 木肌 is slightly white and is low-grade material excellent in coloring nature.

Mahogany is the global 銘杢 material which has 風合い gentle to in red brown, and let Honduras and mahogany be the maximum A good timber.

A teak is the wood in which the cinnamon color and the black mandala pattern are also made into 銘杢 in a certain world.

A walnut is the wood of the department of a walnut and is the diameter wood of Konaka which was easy to process it and had tone with a profound lavender color. An American black walnut is high rank material.

A Chinese quince is global high rank material. Eye skin is rude at the mandala of reddish brown and a cinnamon color, and processing requires advanced technology.

Violet wood is a global material with high reddish-brown durability. Since it is hard, high processing technology is required.

KOKUTAN is the expensive wood which excels [ material / hard ] also in durability.

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