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Speaking of a house built with imported materials, most directions may put housing structures, such as a "log house" and "two-by-four", the design method of a building, etc. in many cases.

Moreover, it is a good point of a house built with imported materials that I design by an overseas design construction method, and get an overseas housebuilder to be able to make a part, and I can bring to Japan, can assemble, and can build in Japan the joke, in addition house which are built completely abroad.

A "log house", "2x4 construction methods", etc. which I stand with the material which Japan has by an overseas design construction method unlike a house built with imported materials which I assemble overseas and is brought to Japan,Don't you become a kind of residence where an overseas design construction method is very popular to the extent that the direction which retired with the hobby even in Japan may collect and make material from itself in order to send the slow life of old age since it was not made from the overseas maker?

Although there is how to stand a timbered house called a wooden framework wall method of structure, they are "2x4 construction methods" than which the major company was also used more often these days. Since the size of main portions, such as a bottom rail, a vertical frame, and a window head, consists of lumber for structures of standardized goods including 2 inches x 4 inches, it is called 2x4 construction methods.

Although the construction method often used from the first in Japan has that it is [ much ] very strong to humidity, rain, an earthquake, etc. because of the design construction method which was often in the climate of Japan,Since [ suitable for a climate of Japan ] it is not designed like, the house built with imported materials which assembles and makes in Japan the part created by the overseas construction method from a house built with imported materials etc. may be long, and may be somewhat difficult for living in comfort.

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