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Since he would like to purchase overseas goods, even if he thinks that I will carry out private importation, moreover, you must be the language of a spot about various procedure and dealings. If a foreign language is the more fluent one, even if only conversation is made, it is difficult to judge very much whether it is a shop with trust. At such times, a hand also uses the shop which executes import by proxy.

There are many companies which do import vicarious execution now. If import vicarious execution is used, even if it conducts neither a time-consuming procedure nor packing work nor the dealings using a foreign language, etc. by itself, I can purchase goods from overseas. Isn't an agency fee high, of course, considering things, such as time and effort, although the frame of each company is decided and it must be paid?

However, the place where the frame which could trust it when using import vicarious execution with much trouble, and all includes a goods price, a handling fee, a mailing cost, etc. is cheap is good. When using import vicarious execution, if only the amount of money of goods is cheap, I will not necessarily become inexpensive. Strictly, like goods price + handling fee + mailing cost + and other miscellaneous expenses, I am total and it is important to compare by how much it costs.

Even if the goods with the same amount of money of goods will have a 1000 yen shop and a 2000 yen shop and will purchase at a 1000 yen shop,A total changes to 5000 yen, and if it is a 2000 yen shop, supposing a total is 4000 yen, I will result in going up at a low price [ way ] having used import vicarious execution after all at a 2000 yen shop. I would like to often compare the company of import vicarious execution and to use it wisely.

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